Every brand has the potential to tell an enchanting story. Throughout the years, né.à Beyrouth has continuously proven to bring these stories to life through its understanding of the industry.

By merging organizational skills, solid techniques, and the quest to always explore new arenas, né.à Beyrouth Films has allowed brands to develop memorable self-representations on TV.

Relationships and collaborations are at the core of our productions, as we allow the most talented local, regional, and foreign directors to enrich varying sorts of brief. This ensures that a brief of any budget or format will always see the light on the small screen with a distinguished flavor.

né.à Beyrouth recognizes that the demand for corporate films is always on the rise. A specialized network of producers and directors work to certify that every corporate film is at its utmost quality.

Whether it is internal or external communication, online or offline, our team can bring your corporate objectives to life. Depending on your needs and goals, the team offers to produce corporate presentations, documentaries, product demos, web videos, web series, and even viral films—all in cost-effective ways. 

né.à Beyrouth entered the production field by filming video clips. And over the years, we’ve grown to produce award-winning clips namely with Director Leila Kanaan. We have worked for both local and regional artists and took their musical vision to an unconventional level. Major regional music labels have also chosen to work with us, giving us greater ability to expand our network and breadth of content.

né.à Beyrouth began as an annual Lebanese film festival, organized in 2001. Rooted at the center of the film culture in Lebanon, our festivals grew to become a showcase hub for Lebanese filmmakers.

After having played a key role in the Lebanese film scene, the producers and directors of the né.à Beyrouth family decided to produce films themselves, under the same name, two years later. The team sought to support the blossoming Lebanese up-and-coming talents by actively contributing to this very culture.

In 2008, the né.à Beyrouth team expanded into the advertising world, as their television commercials channeled a whole approach to impact. After having worked with the region’s major advertising agencies, an organic growth into corporate film production developed to offer businesses the ability to communicate in unique yet effective ways. 

With a homegrown flavor, an intimate environment, and an ongoing thirst to seep into new grounds, né.à Beyrouth continues to rise while staying tied to its rich Beiruti roots.